Roman Coins

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Constantine I “The Great” Pop Romanvs


Posthumous Constantine I “The Great” AE4
Constantiople, 337 AD
Size: 15 mm, 1.0 g
Obv: POP ROMANVS. Laureate, draped bust right
Rev: CONSA below Genius/star within wreath
Ref: Sear 3901, RIC VIII 28var
Large Faustina II Jr/Venus Sestertius


Faustina Jr/Venus SestertiusRoman Imperial AE Sestertius
Faustina II. Rome, 145-146 AD.
Size: 32 mm. 23.1 g.
Draped bust right.
Rev: [VENVS] S-C. Venus standing left,
holding apple and rudder.
Ref: RIC 1388b var, Sear 4720.


Rare Geta/Tetrastyle Temple Assarion. Nicaea


Roman Provincial AE17 Assarion
Geta. Nicaea, Bythinia 209-212 AD.
Size: 17 mm. 2.5 g.
Obv: Draped bust right.
Rev: Tetrastyle Temple.
Ref: Rec Gen (1872) 520.

Hadrian / Fortuna Dupondius


Imperial AE Dupondius. Rome 134-138 AD.
Obv: HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP. Bust facing right.
Rev: FORTVNA AVG / S C. Fortuna
standing left holding cornucopiae.
Ref: RIC 759


Rare, Historic Sestertius:
The Meeting of Hadrian and “Africae” (female figure representing the continent)


Roman Imperial Orichalcum Sestertius.

Rome, 134-138.

Size: 34 mm, 23.8 grams.

Obv: HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P. Laureate, draped bust facing left.

Rev: ADVENTVI AVG AFRICAE. Hadrian left extending hand to Africa holding a patera over an altar (pan for heating wine; a Roman religious practice).

Ref: RIC 872-Left Var; Cohen 11. NOTES: The Africa series in itself was both historic and rare. Hadrian was extremely fond of and, reportedly, popular in Africa, particularly in his last decade. He was greeted enthusiastically in modern-day Tunisia and along the Nile, where he enjoyed greater popularity than even Rome. Yet this type is especially rare—almost all were engraved with Hadrian facing right, as on almost all his coins. For whatever reason, though, he faces left in this exceptional issue. Unfortunately this coin in badly corroded, encrusted, and pitted around 9” (obv) and Hadrian’s forehead. Africa herself is barely visible. Electrolysis or other severe restoration might improve the coin, but I wouldn’t try.

Scarce Julia Domna/Diana Denarius


Julia Domna/Diana Denarius

Roman Imperial AR Denarius.
Julia Domna. Rome, 211-217 AD.
Size: 18 mm, 1.8 g.
Obv: IVLIA AVGVSTA. Draped bust right.
Rev: DIANA LVCIFERA. Diana standing left,
holding torch.
Ref: RIC 548, RCV 27.
Rare Julia Domna AE16 Assarion


Roman Provincial AE Assarion.Nikopolis ad Istrum,Moesia Inferior, 211-212 AD.
Size: 16mm, 2.4 grams.
Obv: Draped bust right.
Rev: 7-pointed star or flower
Ref: Mousmov 1040